I am very happy whit great result CFA show season 2016-2017 of my sweet boy !!!
                                         CH GP RW TUARON NIGHT BANDIT
                                                   4 BEST Premier Region 9
                                             2 BEST Exotic Premier Region 9
                                           12 BEST Exotic Premier Region 1-9

                                    CH (grandpoints) TUARON FRYER OF NALTEL

                     Thank you dear Elena and Vadim for a wonderful presentation of Freyr.
                                   I wish you both continued success and good luck !!!

                                                             MY NEW ARRIVEL !!!
                                            JUSTONEWISH CREAM OF THE CROP
                                            CREAM TABBY SPOTTED EXOTIC BOY

                         I am so happy to have this wonderful teddy bear in my home !
              My biggest thank`s goes to me dear Vicki Moore for let me have that Dream Boy!